Who Can Apply?

Anyone over the age of 18 who is interested in contributing to the lives of young people is welcome at Unlocking Futures of Phoenix. Volunteers under the age of 18 will need to provide approval in writing from a parent or guardian to participate.

What's the Best Way to Get Involved?

Mentoring - Volunteers are trained using a specific and effective curriculum, designed by us, to maximize each young person's chance to succeed. Each mentor develops a one-on-one relationship to support the youth, identify their needs, and declare personal projects with a timeline.

Production Team - They make all of our programs work by coordinating and orchestrating our events. Whether it's a weekend retreat or a summer picnic, it takes a lot of planning and coordination to ensure the event goes forward smoothly.

Development Team - Works with us to assist with fundraising efforts including grant writing, research and administration, as well as database management.

Volunteer Recruitment Team - Recruiters actively participate in outreach efforts to introduce the organization to new, potential volunteers, and get them involved in the community.

Why Volunteer?

When you donate time to an organization, the savings for the organization can be enormous. For example, when someone provides administrative support, the savings in one year can amount to up to $40,000. These savings can then go right into programs serving the young people directly. Also, non-profit organizations use fundraising events to generate funds for programming. People who volunteer for these events help us raise the much needed revenue for use directly in the programs for the clients the organization serves.

There are benefits for the volunteers themselves, as well. Volunteers have reported that it was gratifying to "give back" and that it made them feel good to make their personal contribution to a good cause; a cause they believed in.

Volunteering also provides an opportunity for personal growth and development. You may have talents that you don't get to use on a regular basis. For example, an accountant may also be a great writer. As a volunteer you may get the opportunity to use your talent as a writer or exercise other creative aspects of yourself. In addition, as a volunteer, you may learn and develop skills that you do not already have.

Volunteers at Unlocking Futures get to meet new people and have fun while doing important work. We invite you to join our family.

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